Rock 'n Roll Fairytales EP (2006)

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Lyrics and Production Notes

1. Rock'n Roll is a Fairytale [3:15]
2. Headlight Shine [2:52]
3. So High [4:00]
4. An Old Anthem [2:43]
5. 5th Floor Evacuation Plan [2:46]
6. The Last Bar Chord Ever Played [6:12]

Selected Reviews:
Return of the Rocker - Urban Tulsa Weekly, Gary Hizer 10/11/06
Romanello is Back - Tulsa World, Matt Gleason 5/19/06

The Rock 'n Roll Fairytales EP was released in the summer of 2006 featuring Mike Friedemann's bombastic drums and Romanello's craftwork on everything else - ranging from the usual vocal and guitar duties to whirling keyboards and fuzzed out bass. The pounding rhythm, catchy hooks, retro keys, and crunchy guitars combine in a barage from the modern-day garage: "Your rock 'n roll is just a fairytale..." - what a beautiful disaster.