The Redux: Selections from Counting Stars and the MumbleOdd (2011)

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Lyrics and Production Notes

1. An Insomniac's Diary [3:38]
2. Dances [3:44]
3. Novocain [3:47]
4. Finally Found [3:21]
5. The Artist [4:27]
6. Why Reminisce? [4:04]
7. Tell Me, Please [3:012]
8. Cry For Me [4:54]
9. Fingertips [3:55]
10. Everything [4:57]
11. How to Drop Things [4:36]
12. Under the Blue [4:57]

Selected Reviews:
CD Review: Cou nting Stars - Uncut (London, U.K.), Jim Allen 3/03
CD Review: Counting Stars - Modern Fix Magazine (Los Angeles, CA), Tom Maxwell 5/03

Newly remixed and remastered tracks from Tony Romanello's early albums: including selections from the progressive chamber-rock suites of Counting Stars (2003), and the harder edged indie/alt-rock of The MumbleOdd (2000).

The sprawling and ambitious Counting Stars album spent significant time in the CMJ Top 200 in Spring of 2003, charting on over 50 radio stations nationwide and receiving press nods from the likes of Uncut, CMJ Monthly, Modern Fix, and more. The album features a cast of 13 talented musicians -- even boasting a full string quartet and horn ensemble. Counting Stars offers a careful balance of concrete and abstract musical expressions and pushes the boundaries of pop, rock, and psychedelia into uncharted territory, distinguishing it from Romanello's rock background.

Drawing comparisons ranging from indie to prog, Romanello's indie/alt-rock debut "The MumbleOdd" hit the scene in 2000 with hushed vocals, tidal waves of guitar, and thoughtful arrangements that collapse in fuzzed-out sonic splendor