Tony Romanello and the Black Jackets
Pleased To Meet Us (2012)

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Lyrics and Production Notes

1. The Way It Goes [3:56]
2. Time Stood Still [3:43]
3. February's Falling [4:05]
4. Lifting Me Higher [4:00]
5. Streets Of Tulsa [4:33]

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CD Review: Pleased to Meet Us (EP) - OK Gazette, Louis Fowler 4/16/13
Getting reacquainted with long-absent friends - Urban Tulsa, Gary Hizer 10/31/12

The Pleased To Meet Us EP was released in the fall of 2012. On the new EP, the Black Jackets compliment Romanelloís staple songwriting by supplying the rawk foundation in a manner that hasnít surfaced on a Romanello disc in far too long. Romanello maintains gritty lead vocal and guitar slinging duties per usual, and reunites with several past partners-in-crime. 2006ís Rock and Roll Fairytales EP drummer, Mike Friedemann, returns with equal parts punch and finesse. Magnificently melodic and rock-steady bassist Matt Vandeveer teams up with Romanello for the first time since Murmurís 1999 EP. Former TRB staple, Andy Callis, and long-time friend, Mike Taylor, brilliantly provide the balance to the wall of sound by solidifying the oft-attempted, but rarely-effective, three-guitar assault. Simply put: the band as a whole delivers. In a modern world dominated by hipster indie crooners and stud nickel backers, this EP offers no whiny excuses or overblown delusions - - only enough honest rock indulgences to satisfy the raw at heart.