lo-fi dreams in stereo: vol. 2 (2007)

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Lyrics and Production Notes

1. Idyllic Sunrise
2. Streets of Tulsa
3. Cocoons
4. The Day the Stars Fell Down
5. No Regrets (acoustic)
6. Breathe Like the First Time
7. Headlight Shine pt. 2 (reprise)
8. The Shelf
9. Arkansas River Waters
10. Everything (live acoustic @ KRSC 91.3fm)
11. Picturebook (the pointilist goes mad)

Selected Reviews:
Lo-down on 'Lo-Fi' - Tulsa World, Matt Elliot 2/16/07

An extension from his first solo release in 2000, Lo-Fi Dreams in Stereo: Vol. 1, volume 2 offers another glimpse into original recordings (or alternate versions of released recordings) that did not end up on any one of Tony Romanello’s previous 7 releases. Recorded off and on, in one way or another between 2001 and 2006, Lo-Fi Dreams in Stereo: Vol. 2 presents 11 songs – offering an eclectic mix of musical selections with genre descriptions ranging from acoustic singer/songwriter, to alternative rock, to alt-country, and back again. As the title of the album would indicate, some of these songs fall into the guise of “lo-fi,” such as Idyllic Sunrise, and Picturebook (the pointillist goes mad) – some of these fall into the category of “live,” such as Everything (live acoustic @ krsc 91.3fm) and Headlight Shine pt. 2 (reprise). But some of these songs also blatantly fall into the realm of “hi-fi,” such as evident within Breathe like the First Time, The Shelf, and online favorite, Streets of Tulsa. Some of these songs are demos. Some are b-sides (or would-be-B-sides). And some are finished studio versions. The album, as such, is framed by the immediacy and diligence in which the songs were written and recorded yet still maintains a unique flow and continuity.