Counting Stars (2003)

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Lyrics and Production Notes

1. An Insomniac's Diary [3:38]
2. The Amazing Disappearing Man [4:29]
3. Novocain [3:45]
4. De Leon [4:29]
5. The Artist [4:23]
6. Finally Found [3:16]
7. Why Reminisce? [4:02]
8. Cry for Me [4:48]
9. Dances [3:42]
10. Algiers [5:59]
11. My Opinions on the Tragedy [4:16]
12. Tell Me, Please [3:10]
13. Orbits [3:40]

Selected Reviews:
CD Review: Counting Stars - Uncut (London, U.K.), Jim Allen 3/03
CD Review: Counting Stars - Modern Fix Magazine (Los Angeles, CA), Tom Maxwell 5/03

The sprawling and ambitious Counting Stars album spent seven weeks in the CMJ Top 200 (peaking at no. 60 - spring '03) charting on over 50 radio stations nationwide and receiving press nods from the likes of Uncut, CMJ Monthly, Modern Fix, and more. The album features a cast of 13 talented musicians -- most notably taking advantage of the bombastic drumming skills of The Flaming Lips' extraordinary Steven Drozd, as well as boasting a full string quartet and horn ensemble. Counting Stars offers a careful balance of concrete and abstract musical expressions and pushes the boundaries of pop, rock, and psychedelia into uncharted territory, distinguishing it from Romanello's rock background.