Tony Romanello and the Black Jackets
Chasing Airwaves (2016)

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Lyrics and Production Notes

1. Disregard [4:14]
2. Extinction Radio [3:15]
3. Agoraphobia [3:05]
4. The Start [4:22]
5. Elephant Gun [2:54]
6. Dogs on Television [3:20]
7. 100 Ways not to Reckon [3:43]
8. Sing [4:31]

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Chasing Airwaves is the latest album from Tulsa rock mainstays, Tony Romanello and the Black Jackets. In addition to the pounding drums, melodic bass, and three-guitar musings of past Black Jackets compositions, this album also features a fresh palette of keys, synths, and samples. But make no mistakes, this is rock. And 'rock' is what these guys do, and have been doing together in one form or fashion for a long while. Hints of the 80's, 90's, and 2000's are all present here in this eclectic wall of sound - - packaged together nicely pairing pop hooks with static riffs via this troupe of admitted (and proud of it!) fuzzed out rawkers.