CD Review: Tony Romanello and the Black Jackets, Pleased to Meet Us (EP)
Louis Fowler, OK Gazette
Apr. 16, 2013

It's probably no accident that the title of Tony Romanello and the Black Jackets' EP invokes The Replacements' "Pleased to Meet Me,' as on that 1987 album, the 'Mats reconciled their roots-punk past with a more mature power-pop sound, so do these Tulsans.

Sure, Romanello doesn't have the gravitas of a Westerberg and Stinson, but he doesn't need to. Those guys have already paved the road; let's just let Tony and the Black Jackets drive on it.

"The Way It Goes" is a good intro to the group, and a song I'm sure kills live, with its intonations of only needing five bucks to ave a good time on Lindsey Street. "February's Falling," in the hands of a hipster band like The Strokes, would come off cloying and desperate, but here emerges raw, honest, and hungry.

My favorite track has to be "Lifting Me Higher." Its hymnal aspirations and wonderful vocals mature the sound of the album - and the band - past the aforementioned pop-punk sound and into U2-esque arena rock in four minutes flat. I easily could picture myself standing in the rain, lifting my hands to heaven in hopeful, spiritual freedom.

I don't get that feeling from music much anymore. Thanks, guys."

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