Date Publication Article
4.16.13 OK Gazette (Oklahoma City, OK) CD Review: Pleased to Meet Us (EP)
3.27.13 TulsaMusic.Net (Tulsa, OK) Tony Romanello & the Black Jackets bring a wall of guitars to The Colony
10.31.12 Urban Tulsa (Tulsa, OK) Getting reacquainted with long-absent friends
2.16.07 Tulsa World (Tulsa, OK) Lo-down on 'Lo-Fi'
10.11.06 Urban Tulsa (Tulsa, OK) Return of the Rocker
5.19.06 Tulsa World (Tulsa, OK) Romanello is Back
5.19.06 Tulsa World (Tulsa, OK) Adieu, TRB
5.19.06 Urban Tulsa (Tulsa, OK) Rock Shock
11.17.04 Urban Tulsa (Tulsa, OK) TRB trb CD Review
11.12.04 Tulsa World (Tulsa, OK) TRB
6.17.04 Urban Tulsa (Tulsa, OK) TRB - Rock Apostles
6.01.04 GTR Boundary (Tulsa, OK) TRB
8.01.03 Skycraper Magazine (Denver, CO) CD Review - Counting Stars
7.18.03 Tulsa World - SPOT Magazine (Tulsa, OK) Ordinary Men
5.15.03 OK Music Magazine (Tulsa, OK) Toning Down the Sophisticated Production, It's Straight Ahead Rock Time
5.01.03 Modern Fix Magazine (Los Angeles, CA) CD Review: Counting Stars
4.11.03 O'Colly (OSU - Stillwater, OK) CD Festival Brings Large Pool of Talent
4.01.03 CMJ New Music Monthly (New York, NY) CD Review: Counting Stars
03.01.03 UNCUT Magazine (London, U.K.) CD Review: Counting Stars
10.12.02 Tulsa World (Tulsa, OK) CD Review: Counting Stars
10.11.02 POP, The Norman Transcript (Norman, OK) Creating Tulsa's New Wall of Sound
09.06.02 Tulsa World (Tulsa, OK) Artist Profile: Artist of the Year, Best Rock Band, Best Local Album
08.02.02 Tulsa World (Tulsa, OK) Creating Tulsa's New Wall of Sound


Urban Tulsa (Tulsa, OK) NewVo 2002: Burning, Intense Guitar Rock
04.12.02 POP Magazine, Norman Transcript
(Norman, OK)
Four band lineup hot at Firehouse
02.27.02 Urban Tulsa (Tulsa, OK) CD Review: Shades of Grey
11.06.01 Tulsa World (Tulsa, OK) Disc Drive
10.01.01 Leicester Bangs (UK) CD Review - The MumbleOdd
09.04.01 Adrenalyn (France) Engine Shed Records
08.03.01 The SPOT, Tulsa World (Tulsa, OK) Local Musicians, Club Owners, Fans Keep the Spotlight Close to Home
04.01.01 Pop Culture Press (Austin, TX) Album Review: The MumbleOdd
03.15.01 Infinity Press (Tulsa, OK) CD Review: The MumbleOdd
02.01.01 Rockpile (Philadelphia, PA) CD Review: The MumbleOdd
10.15.00 PitchforkMedia (Chicago, IL) Album Review: The MumbleOdd
09.15.00 The SPOT (Tulsa, OK) Spotnik 2000 Artist Nominee Profile for Rising Star and Local Album of the Year
07.12.00 PULSE (Norman, OK) CD Review: Lo-Fi Dreams in Stereo
06.30.00 The SPOT (Tulsa, OK) Reviews of stellar new CDs from Tulsa's Tony Romanello and Admiral Twin